Top Ten Reasons to Choose our Firm

One: Our in-depth knowledge of the health care talent market

With over 15 years of experience in health care retained search and over 25 in recruitment across the board, we understand what it takes for a leader to excel in this challenging industry.

Two: Our understanding of culture fit

We have a strong track record of identifying talent based both on the expected skills and experience and those harder-to-find competencies that lead to a successful fit with an organization’s culture and mission.

Three: Our reputation in the marketplace

Because of our trusted relationships with clients and candidates, hard-to-reach executives pick up the phone when we call. Our candidate slate includes those elusive passive candidates, not just those actively looking for a new position.

Four: Our comprehensive research process & database of real contacts

We believe that successful identification of potential candidates is not about the numbers presented – but, rather, are these the leaders who will bring fresh viewpoints and make significant contributions to your organization?

Five: Our placement and retention rate

We have never failed a client in finding the right candidate, and the leaders we have placed average six years or more in their original roles or in new positions with expanded responsibilities.

Six: Our geographic reach

The ideal candidate you seek may be three miles away or three thousand – we are expert at looking in unexpected places to locate the executive who will make a real difference to your organization.

Seven: Our sense of urgency

We commit to delivering a slate of top-quality candidates – those who have the right skills and are the right fit – within 30 days or less of mutually agreeing on the position specifications.

Eight: Our accountability

Our fees are based on key completion milestones in the search, not on some arbitrary timeline. We monitor your satisfaction throughout the search and guarantee the successful placement for six months.

Nine: Our no nonsense approach

We won’t waste your money or your time. We have developed our search process and business model so that we can quickly and efficiently deliver the effective leadership our clients need.

Ten: You are important to us

We value our clients, believe in their mission and are completely invested in helping them achieve their leadership goals.

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