Our Search Discipline

Our search discipline has been developed and honed over more than 15 years – listening carefully to our clients, routinely exceeding quality standards and bringing only our best to every search.

Step One: Ongoing monitoring of top talent

We closely follow the health care market so we know the strong training grounds for new leaders, the executives who are recognized as excelling in their fields and how organizations around the country are meeting the challenges of recruiting and retaining top talent.

Step Two: True fit with your mission and goals

Once the contract is signed, we meet, in-person with you and your team, at our own expense, to gain your perspective, finalize position specifications and develop a customized search approach, including the key sources we will draw on during the search.

Step Three: Regular communications

We set up a schedule of progress reports with you, so that you can stay on top of the search at every step of the way. We want to make sure that we are fully in synch so we don’t waste any time.

Step Four: In-depth research and interviewing: The short list

Our goal is to present a short list of qualified candidates within 30 days of agreement on the position specifications. We will have performed in-depth interviews with each candidate, using behavioral assessment techniques, so they not only meet your skill needs but also can perform as positive contributors to your team.

Step Five: Coordination of candidate interviews & immediate feedback

We work with you to help set up interviews with each candidate you are eager to interview – making sure you have all the information you need and that we have feedback from both you and the candidate within 24 hours of each interview.

Step Six: Referencing

We do in-depth referencing with previous direct reports, current peers and direct reports. We want a clear understanding of why the candidates have been successful in the past and how they could add value to your organization.

Step Seven: Negotiations

We share with you, from the very beginning, our understanding of candidates’ hot buttons, why they might want to leave their current position, what could hold them back and what they are looking forward to in their future careers. Like you, we don’t like any last-minute surprises.

Step Eight: On-boarding

We guarantee our placements for six months – and believe in making sure that both you and the candidate are adjusting well from the very beginning, and that this is the right member for your team.

Step Nine: Your eyes and ears in the marketplace

Throughout the search, we talk confidentially with a number of high-placed health care leaders. We thus have the opportunity to learn how your organization is viewed in the market, the latest recruitment and compensation trends and how you stack up against your competition. We share these invaluable insights with you as we move forward with the search.

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