Top 10 Ways We Can Help Build Your Team

Bobbie Stone International, LLC is recognized as a premier local, national, and international executive search and consulting services firm, working with preeminent clients to identify C-Suite, senior and upper middle level executive candidates for new leadership positions.

We partner with our clients – for-profit and non-profit health care organizations, medical centers, foundations, philanthropies, altruistic and research organizations and many more – to build teams that are fully committed to meeting the challenges of today’s complex and competitive environment.

#1: Our Focus

Helping our clients build leadership teams is what we do. It’s all we do.
It’s our sole focus. No bells, no whistles – just results!

#2: Our Understanding of Culture and Fit

Peter Drucker, legendary management consultant, educator, and author, wrote “The growth and prosperity of an enterprise depends on the quality of talent it selects today, and then develops to cope with the demands of tomorrow.”

Bobbie Stone International identifies individuals with the skills and background to thrive and make a significant impact within your organization. We know how to evaluate candidates based on skills and experience, as well those harder-to-find competencies that lead to a successful fit with an organization’s culture.

#3: Our Reputation in the Marketplace

Chances are that the next potential member of your leadership team is not surfing the internet to read employment ads or taking random calls. They are too good at what they do and too valued by their current organization. However, because of our trusted relationships with clients and candidates, hard-to-reach executives pick up the phone when we call. And we keep track of elusive “passive candidates”, not just those actively looking for new positions.

#4: Our Comprehensive Research Process and Database of Real Contacts

While other recruiting firms tout the number of people in their database, the real question is whether or not they have built actual relationships with these executives.

Or are they just “names”? Bobbie Stone International believes that successful identification of potential candidates is not about “quantity”. It is about “quality” – “quality” leaders who will bring fresh viewpoints and make significant contributions to your organization.

#5: Our Placement and Retention Rate

We limit our commitments so we can deliver consistent results for our clients. We have never failed a client in finding the right candidate. The leaders we have placed average six years or more in their original roles or in new positions at the same organization.

#6: Our Geographic Reach

Steve Jobs once said, “The secret to my success is that we’ve gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.” Drawing on our extensive network, up-to-date proprietary database, and highly experienced research staff, we can identify top talent throughout the United States and abroad.

The ideal candidate you seek may be three miles away or three thousand – we are experts at looking in unexpected places to locate the executive who will make a real difference to your organization.

#7: Our Sense of Urgency

Oprah Winfrey observed that “One of life’s greatest risks is never daring to risk.” When an organization’s in-house recruitment efforts do not produce the needed results, there is sometimes a reluctance to think outside the box of past practices.

That is where Bobbie Stone International can be a partner in finding a solution. Our clients engage us for a variety of reasons – to initiate a search or assist with one that has stalled – because they know we recognize that time is of the essence. We commit to delivering a slate of top-quality candidates – those with the right skills for the right fit – and we do it quickly!

#8: Our No-Nonsense Approach

We will not waste your money or your time. We have developed our search process and business model so that we can quickly and efficiently deliver the effective leadership our clients need – without disruption to your operations.

#9: Our Performance-Based Fees

We are accountable to our clients – first and foremost! We built our reputation as a retained search firm that believes in being held accountable for our work, and our performance-based retained search approach is tied to actual results for the client.

#10: You are Important to Us

We value our clients and our candidates. We believe in our clients’ missions and are completely invested in helping them build leadership teams. Likewise, we are committed to helping our candidates further their careers. And we take professional and personal pride every time we exceed the expectations of everyone involved.